Female owned, managed and staffed distillery with a passion for distilling and a healthy lifestyle. Yoga Pants Vodkas in Buffalo. 

Buffalo NY, 2019 Outdoor Space

Designed and executed by: Emily Powrie

Assistant: Madison Sullivan


Before Images

After Images

Majority of the furniture was found and repurposed on site. The building that YPV is located in was the old Buffalo China Factory. This link provides a bit of the factory history and shows what was left behind.

The old gears that you see were found in the basement

The crates that are pictured once stored dishes. 

The little table was found in the "Mold Room"

In one of the pictures there are planters that are growing herbs used in YPV products. These are also going to be used for fresh embellishments to their drinks.

Still to come is a concrete slab for this outdoor space, the full distillery that will be housed in the larger part of the factory, and some other little finishing details!

For more information about the Distillery and the products, please visit their site at